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Dillard’s Credit Card: Is it Worth the Shopper’s Investment? A Review

Dillard’s Credit Card offers a range of benefits and drawbacks for shoppers to consider. In this review, we will explore the exclusive discounts, reward points program, high APR, and limited acceptance of the Dillard’s Credit Card. Additionally, we will compare these features with those of its competitors to help shoppers make an informed decision on…

Dillard’s Credit Card offers a range of benefits and drawbacks for shoppers to consider. In this review, we will explore the exclusive discounts, reward points program, high APR, and limited acceptance of the Dillard’s Credit Card. Additionally, we will compare these features with those of its competitors to help shoppers make an informed decision on whether the Dillard’s Credit Card is worth the investment.

Key Takeaways

  • Dillard’s Credit Card provides exclusive discounts for cardholders.
  • The reward points program offers opportunities for earning rewards on purchases.
  • The high APR of the Dillard’s Credit Card may impact cardholders who carry a balance.
  • Limited acceptance of the Dillard’s Credit Card may restrict its usability.
  • Comparing rewards and customer service with competitors can help shoppers evaluate the value of the Dillard’s Credit Card.

Dillard’s Credit Card Benefits

Exclusive Discounts

One of the most attractive features of the Dillard’s Credit Card is the exclusive discounts it offers to cardholders. These discounts can significantly reduce the cost of purchases, making it a potentially valuable tool for frequent shoppers at Dillard’s. Cardholders can enjoy various seasonal promotions and special sale events that are not available to the general public.

Cardholders have the advantage of accessing discounts that can lead to substantial savings over time, especially during exclusive sale events.

While the exact discounts can vary, they often include a percentage off on specific brands or products, early access to sales, and special birthday offers. It’s important for shoppers to weigh these benefits against the card’s costs to determine if the savings justify the investment.

Reward Points Program

The Dillard’s Credit Card rewards its users with a points program that incentivizes frequent shoppers. For every dollar spent, cardholders earn points that accumulate towards vouchers for future purchases. The more you shop, the more you earn, making it particularly appealing for loyal Dillard’s customers.

  • Earn 2 points per dollar spent at Dillard’s
  • Reach 1,500 points and receive a 10% off Rewards Shopping Pass or a $10 rewards certificate
  • No cap on the amount of points you can earn

This program is designed to keep shoppers returning, offering a tangible return on their spending. However, it’s important to consider the rate at which you shop and whether you’ll earn enough points to offset any potential costs associated with the card.

Dillard’s Credit Card Drawbacks

High APR

One of the significant drawbacks of the Dillard’s Credit Card is its High Annual Percentage Rate (APR). This APR can quickly erode any savings from discounts and rewards if the balance is not paid in full each month. Cardholders should be aware of the interest rates they are subject to, as carrying a balance can lead to substantial interest charges over time.

In comparison to some competitor cards, the Dillard’s Credit Card may not be as attractive due to its APR. For instance, the Lowe’s Advantage Card offers a $0 signup bonus, 0% APR for 6-84 months, and no annual fee, although it is limited to Lowe’s locations. This can be a deciding factor for shoppers who are considering multiple store cards and are sensitive to interest rates.

It is crucial for potential cardholders to assess their spending habits and payoff capabilities before opting for a credit card with a high APR. Those who tend to carry a balance may find the Dillard’s Credit Card less beneficial.

Limited Acceptance

One of the significant limitations of the Dillard’s Credit Card is its limited acceptance. Unlike Visa or Mastercard, which are accepted almost universally, the Dillard’s Credit Card can primarily be used only at Dillard’s stores and on their website. This restriction can be a considerable inconvenience for cardholders who prefer to use the same credit card for all their purchases, both in-store and online.

For those who shop frequently at Dillard’s, this may not pose a significant issue. However, for others, the card’s limited usability could be a dealbreaker. It’s essential to consider how often you shop at Dillard’s compared to other retailers before deciding if this card is a good fit for your wallet.

While the Dillard’s Credit Card offers exclusive benefits to its users, the narrow scope of where it can be used limits its overall utility as a credit card.

Comparison with Competitors

Rewards Comparison

When comparing the Dillard’s Credit Card to its competitors, it’s crucial to assess the rewards structure each offers. Dillard’s provides a competitive rewards program, but how does it stack up against others in the market?

Credit Card Rewards Rate Sign-up Bonus Annual Fee
Dillard’s 2 points/$1 $10 Reward Certificate $0
Competitor A 1.5 points/$1 $25 Cash Back $95
Competitor B 1 point/$1 5,000 Bonus Points $0

While Dillard’s does not offer a cash sign-up bonus, its absence of an annual fee and higher rewards rate can be more beneficial in the long run for frequent shoppers. Competitor A, although offering a cash bonus, comes with a significant annual fee which may offset the initial benefits.

The true value of a credit card’s rewards program is not just in the points earned, but in how those points translate into real-world value for the shopper.

It’s important to consider not only the quantity of points but also the quality of rewards and redemption options. Dillard’s excels in providing exclusive discounts and deals to cardholders, which may enhance the overall shopping experience and savings.

Customer Service Comparison

When comparing customer service across credit card providers, Dillard’s stands out for its responsive and accommodating customer support. Customers have reported positive experiences with Dillard’s CS team, highlighting their willingness to promptly address issues such as price adjustments after sales. For instance, a customer who purchased a Brookstone ZENMELODY Himalayan Salt Lamp & Speaker received an immediate refund for the price difference when the item went on a deeper sale, praising the no-hassle service.

However, not all experiences are uniform. Some shoppers have faced challenges, particularly when seeking in-store assistance. A notable complaint involved a customer being directed to a checkout line for online order inquiries, which contradicts the convenience of online shopping. This inconsistency in service can impact overall satisfaction.

In the realm of customer service, the personal touch and efficiency of Dillard’s CS team can be a deciding factor for many shoppers. Yet, it’s crucial for the retailer to ensure that this level of service is consistent across all customer interactions, both online and in-store.


In conclusion, the review of Dillard’s Credit Card highlights the importance of evaluating the benefits and drawbacks before investing in such a financial tool. While the card may offer perks and rewards for frequent shoppers, it is essential for consumers to consider factors like interest rates, fees, and overall value proposition. Ultimately, the decision to obtain a Dillard’s Credit Card should be based on individual shopping habits and financial goals to ensure it is a worthwhile investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of having a Dillard’s credit card?

The benefits include exclusive discounts and a reward points program.

What are the drawbacks of the Dillard’s credit card?

The drawbacks are a high APR and limited acceptance.

How does the rewards program of Dillard’s credit card compare to its competitors?

The rewards program can be compared in terms of benefits and redemption options.

Is the Dillard’s credit card worth it for frequent shoppers at the store?

The worthiness of the card depends on the individual’s shopping habits and preferences.

What is the customer service like for Dillard’s credit card holders?

Customer service experiences can vary among cardholders.

Can the Dillard’s credit card be used for online purchases?

The acceptance of the card for online transactions may vary depending on the retailer.

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