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Sharing the Love: How to Transfer Hyatt Points to Your Spouse

Transferring Hyatt points to your spouse can be a great way to share the benefits of the World of Hyatt loyalty program. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to treat your partner to a luxurious getaway, understanding the process of transferring points and redeeming them can make the experience even more rewarding. Here’s…

Transferring Hyatt points to your spouse can be a great way to share the benefits of the World of Hyatt loyalty program. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to treat your partner to a luxurious getaway, understanding the process of transferring points and redeeming them can make the experience even more rewarding. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the world of Hyatt points and make the most of sharing the love with your spouse.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the process of transferring Hyatt points to your spouse
  • Explore the best ways to redeem Hyatt points for a memorable experience
  • Maximize the benefits of Hyatt’s loyalty program for both earning and redeeming points
  • Learn about the value of Hyatt points and how to make the most of them
  • Discover the perks of sharing elite benefits with friends and family through the World of Hyatt program

How to Transfer Hyatt Points to Your Spouse

Understanding World of Hyatt Points

World of Hyatt points are a valuable currency for travelers seeking to enhance their hotel experiences. Earning these points can be as simple as staying at Hyatt properties, dining, or enjoying spa services. For every dollar spent on stays, dining, and spa services through Hyatt channels, members earn 5 points, and 10 points per dollar on FIND experiences.

Members can also earn points through strategic partnerships, such as booking Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) properties via Hyatt’s website, or by collaborating with American Airlines, where World of Hyatt elite members earn one point per dollar spent on flights.

Transferring World of Hyatt points to friends or relatives is a seamless process, with no charge for transfers once every 30 days, allowing for flexibility and sharing of benefits.

To maintain the validity of points, it is crucial to have account activity at least once every 24 months. This can include earning or redeeming points, ensuring that your hard-earned rewards do not expire.

Transferring Points to Your Spouse

Transferring Hyatt points to your spouse is a straightforward process. Hyatt allows you to combine points with your spouse for free, making it easier to plan for that dream vacation or staycation. Here’s how to do it:

  • Ensure both you and your spouse are members of the World of Hyatt loyalty program.
  • Collect the World of Hyatt membership numbers and the last names as they appear on the accounts.
  • Fill out the Point Combining Request Form available on Hyatt’s official website.
  • Submit the form via mail or email as directed on the form.

Remember, Hyatt points can only be transferred once every 30 days, and the recipient must have a specific award in mind when requesting the transfer.

After the transfer request is processed, the points will appear in your spouse’s account, ready to be redeemed for hotel stays, upgrades, and more. Keep in mind that while transferring points is free, it’s important to strategize the best use of points to maximize their value.

Redeeming Hyatt Points

Redeeming World of Hyatt points effectively can significantly enhance your travel experience. The best value for redeeming points is often found using the free night award chart. You can also earn elite nights during your stay, even when redeeming points or using a free night award.

The award chart is structured into categories, with redemption rates varying based on the category of the hotel. Here’s a simplified version of the World of Hyatt’s award chart:

Category Off-Peak Points Standard Points Peak Points
1 3,500 5,000 6,500
2 6,500 8,000 9,500
… … … …
8 35,000 40,000 45,000

Aim to redeem points at properties where the value exceeds two cents per point, as this ensures you are maximizing the potential of your points.

Remember, the value of Hyatt points can vary, but they are generally considered to be one of the most valuable hotel loyalty program points. With thoughtful redemption, you can unlock incredible stays at Hyatt hotels worldwide.

Earning and Redeeming Points with Hyatt’s Loyalty Program

Joining the World of Hyatt loyalty program is a straightforward process that unlocks a host of benefits for travelers. Membership is complimentary and can be obtained through a simple online registration, granting access to exclusive rates and the potential to earn and redeem points across Hyatt’s extensive portfolio.

Earning points with Hyatt is as rewarding as it is easy, with a variety of ways to accumulate points for future stays. Members can look forward to reaching specific thresholds of nights or points within a calendar year, which can lead to bonus rewards and a climb up the elite status ladder. The Brand Explorer sub-program further incentivizes members by offering a free night after staying with five different Hyatt brands.

To redeem points for a free night at a Hyatt hotel, consult the award chart which categorizes hotels into eight tiers. Redemptions start at 3,500 points for off-peak periods and can go up to 45,000 points for a standard room during peak times.

Hyatt’s loyalty program is not just about earning and spending points; it’s a pathway to some of the industry’s top redemption opportunities and a highly rewarding elite status program. With World of Hyatt, valuable benefits begin to accrue as soon as you start earning, making it an attractive option for both casual and frequent travelers.


In conclusion, transferring Hyatt points to your spouse is a convenient way to share elite benefits and enjoy amazing perks, even when you’re not traveling together. With the ability to book Guest of Honor reservations and transfer points to friends and relatives, World of Hyatt offers a unique and valuable loyalty program for travelers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer Hyatt points to my spouse?

To transfer Hyatt points to your spouse, you can initiate a points transfer online by logging into your World of Hyatt account and selecting the option to transfer points. You will need to enter your spouse’s World of Hyatt membership number and last name to complete the transfer.

Can I transfer Hyatt points to other members?

Yes, World of Hyatt members can transfer points to friends and relatives once every 30 days at no charge. Simply log into your account, go to the points transfer section, and follow the instructions to transfer points to another member.

What is the value of Hyatt points?

According to recent valuations, each Hyatt point is worth about 2.3 cents, making them a high-value currency in the hotel loyalty program space.

What are some high-value ways to redeem Hyatt points?

Some high-value redemption options for Hyatt points include booking 5,000-point hotels in major cities, Category 4 hotels, and select properties in the Caribbean and Las Vegas. Additionally, the Guest of Honor awards program offers valuable redemption opportunities for sharing benefits with friends and family.

How can I earn Hyatt points?

You can earn Hyatt points by staying at Hyatt properties, dining at participating restaurants, using Hyatt credit cards, and participating in FIND experiences. Additionally, a partnership with American Airlines allows World of Hyatt elite members to earn points on flights.

What are the benefits of World of Hyatt elite status?

World of Hyatt offers four levels of elite membership: Discoverist, Explorist, and Globalist. Elite status comes with benefits such as bonus points, room upgrades, and milestone rewards. Earning elite status requires staying a certain number of nights or accumulating base points in a calendar year.

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